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Growers await trademark protection for famed Nhat Tan peach blossoms

Thương hiệu, Sở hữu trí tuệ, Đăng ký bảo hộ Nhãn hiệu, Kiểu dáng công nghiệp, Sáng chế, Bản quyền tác giả,...Growers have applied for a trademark for Hoa dao Nhat Tan (Nhat Tan peach blossoms) but are expressing concern over when their popular blossoms will receive protection.



In April, 2006, Nhat Tan Agriculture and Service Co-operative located at Nhat Tan ward, of Hanoi’s Tay Ho District, submitted documents involved in registering their trademark to the National Office of Intellectual Property.

The co-operative’s deputy chairman, Nguyen Trong Man, said that everything didn’t go according to plan, however. Nhat Tan was expected to officially receive its trademark for peach blossoms in July, 2007 but, in December, the department told the co-operative that the issuance had been delayed.

"The cause they said was the overloaded situation at the department," said Man.

Meanwhile, each grower among the 1,000 member households in the co-operative has registered the number of peach trees to be certified. The co-operative’s examining board will inspect and affix the "dao Nhat Tan" label on each qualified tree. The label has been certified by the Literature and Arts Author Copyright Department.

The standards of a qualified peach tree are vermilion-coloured blossoms, yellow pistils, and blossoms with 16 petals, having many thick flower buds.

Trademark-protected or not, peach growers in Nhat Tan are still at work.

"That Nhat Tan peach blossoms have not yet received trademark protection doesn’t affect our production prior to the upcoming Tet [lunar new year] festival because, over the last many years, our prestige and quality both ensure a ‘trademark’ in the hearts of the people of Hanoi and Vietnam," said Man.

Decorating a peach blossom branch from the Nhat Tan area, a 20-minute drive from downtown Hanoi, with ornaments for Tet has long been a taste of Hanoi residents.

Knowing that, traders purchase peach trees grown in the outlying district of Dong Anh and in Ha Tay and Hung Yen provinces, carrying them back to Hanoi to sell, saying they’re from Nhat Tan.

So, affixing a label to each tree will help growers themselves be more aware of the quality of their products.

"They will feel more responsibility in tending for trees," said Nguyen Van Hiep.

Hiep, whose garden has 600 trees, expects this year’s beautiful weather will help the trees bloom nicely.

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